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Meet the Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the Face of Everyday Healthcare Practices

Breaking Up with Past Techniques to Aim for a Better Future

January 9, 2018


Five Lessons You Will Never Learn in Business School

For years, conventional wisdom has told young entrepreneurs and investors that an MBA is their ticket to success. Indeed, more people are pursuing a formal business education than ever before, with an MBA now ranking as the most popular post-graduate degree in America. But the business world is changing -- and fast. 

January 9, 2018


GC4W Top 100 Women in the World

“I left the corporate world because I wanted to only work with companies and entrepreneurs who were committed to making a positive global impact.” ~ Kelly Gibbons, Founder of Main & Rose

July 26, 2017


Goodbye, Corporate America: 4 Benefits of Entrepreneurship

Thinking about leaving corporate life? Here are four perks of entrepreneurship to consider.

June 23, 2017


30 Tips For Thriving

Sound Advice for a Fulfilling Life From the Top Female Leaders & Founders of 2017

June 15, 2017


What Seven Of The Best Business Books Of 2017 Taught Us This Year

Covering topics as wide as how to improve workplace resiliency through improv comedy to reimagining corporate hiring strategies to leverage the gig economy, seven of my favorites lent sharp new insight into the direction of the labor market and enterprise’s response to it.

November 28, 2017

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Where to Go, Stay and Explore in California Wine Country

The dramatic Santa Ynez Mountains serve as the ideal backdrop for what has now become my favorite escape in California wine country. Here are the must-see spots on my list this year for the perfect relaxation weekend or even just a day away.

November 1, 2017


6 Ways to Stop From Nodding Off at Work

Stress is a normal occurrence in everyday life. Burnout, however, is not. If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and mentally exhausted, it's time to regain control before it takes a toll on your health, work performance, and personal relationships.

May 16, 2017



How to File Taxes: 3 Business Owners Share Their Tax Season Insights

Business owners share how to file taxes as small business owners, including how to prepare for tax season and hacks to consider.

February 7, 2017



Personal Branding 101: The Beginner's Playbook

Tell your story to the right audience -- using the right platforms -- at the right time.

February 10, 2017



Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Working Every Waking Hour

Today’s answer to the question, “What are some of the biggest misconceptions about startup life?” is written by Kelly Gibbons, founder and managing partner of Main & Rose.



Marketing and Communication Experts You Should Know

Whether you run a Fortune 500 company or are applying for an entry level position at the next big startup, there is one trait you can possess that will put you above the competition around you: finding a better way to communicate online.

March 8, 2017



Six Female Entrepreneurs Crushing It in 2017

It’s no longer ‘the future is female.’  It’s now, ‘the present and the future are female.” Every day there are new brilliant female entrepreneur arriving on the scene and shaking up the way we live our lives.

April 28, 2017